I’m Lee Carpenter-Johnson and I help businesses achieve the maximum possible revenue in today’s complex (and often daunting) digital landscape. 

Whether you are a startup founder on the verge of introducing a new product, or a commercial leader in an established enterprise that needs to transform to survive or grow, I can help you. Together we will clarify the challenges and set the priorities – be they with brand, product, distribution, supply chain, routes to market or e-commerce, make the right commercial decisions, and implement cost-effective solutions that will maximise profit:

At ECCO, online revenue increased by over 300% with overall revenue up from £500,000 to £12 million – in just one year 

At NCT, warehouse costs reduced by 30% while email marketing revenue increased by over 400% 

Within the NHS, online sales grew by 20%, double the original expectation


And I know that my twenty years’ experience trading, buying and selling across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, in transport, health, leisure and retail, means I can quickly identify the profitable opportunities that you may have missed.

When your brand is the challenge, my colleague Fiona Davis will join the team.

She is a leading brand expert with a proven approach that can propel any brand to the next level. Fiona can help you understand the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of your proposition to truly connect with your customer. I guide you in ‘how’ to make it a commercial success. Together, we create the ideal customer experience – synchronised across both physical and digital worlds – that can lead to significant revenue growth.

Our clients say some great things about what we’ve achieved for them and how we’ve done it. If you’d like unprecedented results for your business, make contact. We’d love to talk to you.

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At The Digital Landscape,we are passionate and active advocates for Diversity and Inclusion, seek to give back via Social Enterprise and actively work to develop Future Leaders. We’re positive and innovative. We have an inspiring network of friends and collaborators. We believe in developing lasting relationships, built on trust, mutual respect and a track record of delivery and results.


Future Leaders - The Digital Landscape

We contribute to developing the leaders of today and the future. We coach, mentor and share our experience with individuals and groups of leaders throughout their journe

We engage with and inspire student groups at Pearson College and the London College of Fashion, to support them in their transition into work. We stimulate their self-belief and confidence. 

We often begin our talks with the video The time is right (Jay Shetty) and Lee illustrates, with his own story, how no matter what your background or circumstance, you can create your own successful career path, in your own time.

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Social Enterprise - The Digital Landscape

We seek ways to make a difference by supporting a growing group of social enterprises including not-for-profit organisations like Once Upon a Doug, a project that is helping women from cotton farming communities in India.

Closer to home, through our wide network of friends and contacts, we make local connections, and are introduced to opportunities to give back and positively contribute to people's lives.



Diversity and Inclusion

We are passionate advocates for gender, diversity, lgbtq+ and inclusion in the retail sector and beyond. We believe that to proactively engage with these issues is both about doing the right thing and delivering enhanced business results.

Lee is a sought-after speaker and commentator on the topic Walking in your customers’ shoes – putting diversity and inclusion at the top of the agenda.

We are known for our fearlessness in having the conversations that are needed NOW; we believe that if nothing is changing then the conversation needs to change. If you need to have a difficult conversation about gender, diversity or inclusion in your organisation, talk to us!


"From introducing store fulfilment to optimise our stock utilisation to raising our brand profile through enhanced marketing activities, The Digital Landscape have formed a strong partnership with our in-house staff and helped us to improve revenue across the board. We find them to be approachable, responsive and innovative, and they are always one step ahead when it comes to our evolving business needs." 

Michael D. Christensen – General Manager EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and former Sales Director, ECCO


"The Digital Landscape immediately galvanised the team, changed tack tactically and delivered a marked upturn in sales. It was as rapid a turnaround of direction as I have seen. As well as the skill and expertise brought to bear, I have also appreciated The Digital Landscape's accessibility and straightforwardness which makes them very easy, and enjoyable, to work with." 

Nick Wilkie – Chief Executive, National Childbirth Trust (NCT)